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Day 1

A New Life Challenge I could not ignore.  (Part 1 of 3)

I begin the first of my 28 day video blog posts by sharing an early period when my autoimmune condition had created noticeable and significant challenges to my life journey.

Today, the sense of loss I experienced then-as my health deteriorated can occasionally leave me feeling sad and cheated but whenever I practice gratitude, a little bit of mental, physical and spiritual healing is triggered to take place.

Day 2

A New Life Challenge I could not ignore.   (part 2 of 3)

Thinking about our health and wellbeing, I know we take so many simple things for granted until the ability to carry out those everyday activities is taken away.

Day 3

A New Life Challenge I could not ignore.  (Part 3 of 3)

Learning that I had not actually lost the ability to dream gave me huge amounts of strength to follow an existing dream I had long given up on.

Day 4

The Mop-up after the flare up. (4 of 28)

When I take a moment to consider what has taken place during the attacks on my immune system, this thought process helps me understand the importance of PATIENCE and TIME.

Day 5

Directing my thoughts when I need motivating. (5 of 28)

Sometimes for no particular reason, the things I know I need to do can suddenly feel like the toughest and most demanding tasks to complete until I use an effective strategy to get over the hurdle!

For me, the positive strategy to overcome hurdles comes when I consider my whole journey from the starting point and then moving along each step.

Day 6

A change of scenery is as good as a rest.     (6 of 28)

Somtimes for no obvious reason, I feel trapped in my home-anxious and stuck in a space in my head that once here, has the ability to be  emotionally and physically exhausting IF I miss the first warning signs.

A conscious effort to move away from the stagnant energy helps me refresh and regain a new more positive outlook, so I try to remember that a simple change of scenery is often as good as a really nourishing rest and can be very healing.

Day 7

Feeling comfortable to ask for help. (7 of 28)

Asking for and receiving help is something we all need to do from time to time, so why do many people find this so difficult?

I don’t know if asking for help will ever be easy for me but I know that doing this gives me a greater opportunity to live a great life.

Day 8

Aches, pain & gratitude. (8 of 28)

When I am thankful for the ability to do things and I appreciate the people around me that work hard to help me achieve my goals, Gratitude takes over any emotional or physical challenge such as pain, worry, fear or doubt that I might be dealing with.
Focusing on those things that make me grateful positively changes my mood.

Day 9

Maintaining focus, calm & structure. (9 of 28)

Meditation gives me an opportunity to focus on the important things happening around me and meditation also helps me strengthen new ideas.

Day 10

Taking the right energy to sleep. (10 of 28)

When I am conscious about my thoughts and activities before bedtime and make an effort to prepare for sleep, I more often have a restful night and energised morning.

Day 11

Drugs or No drugs. (11 of 28)

The subject of whether we need to take some of the drugs we quickly reach for is an ongoing question and debate for me.

Purely for profit and often at the expense of life or wellbeing, I feel that the drug companies make it very easy for us to develop dependence on the pharmaceutical products they manufacture.

Day 12

The size of ALL achievements matter.        (12 of 28)

I remember that the small challenges achieved mean a great deal more to me.

I still love setting myself challenges because they make me feel alive with purpose and I use them as a valuable progress marker.

Day 13

Creative healing therapy comes from different place. (13 of 28)

Creative healing comes from many places and the most unexpected of these environments can trigger the most powerful, positive changes.

It was only after it happened that I could see how a small creatively led project had taken me to a place I used to feel comfortable to be in but had long forgotten about.

Day 14

My opportunity knocks! (14 of 28)

Using a natural treatment protocol for a few years, I have maintained good health and my condition has been stable for some time but my ongoing research into regenerative medicine continues to lead me to stem cell therapy.

I’m almost ready to embark on a new journey exploring the benefits of having stem cell therapy to help improve my quality of life.

Day 15

Off to Germany BA flight & day of treatment. (15 of 28)

The new journeys that have a real life changing potential always fill me with excitement while also creating a level of anxiety that remains in the background.

So, here I was…heading off to Germany to possibly receive stem cell therapy.

Leading up to the moment when the taxi dropped us off at the airport, I was extremely aware of the mixture of emotions I was experiencing.

Day 16

The morning after my procedure. (16 of 28)

After all the preparation required for the procedure of collecting my stem cells, I appeared to quickly pass from this place that I had not been looking forward to.

I hoped that recovery would pass with a similar level of comfort too.

Day 17

Back home from Germany. (17 of 28)

Back home in London, I return to the simple and not overly exciting job of unpacking, loading the washing machine and filing away all the documents and receipts collected on this first journey.

I look forward to returning to Germany soon but for now, I feel as though I haven’t slept for a week, so desperately need some rest.

Day 18

Along the River Main. (18 of 28)

Settling back down after activities in Germany, I remember the welcome distraction of exploring along the River Main  on the afternoon before my procedure.

The last time I had a treatment related appointment somewhere else abroad, I was shuttled straight from the airport to their facility because I was too sick and I remained there until I was discharged to fly home.

So this time, I was so grateful to be strong and well enough to take in more than the smell of disinfectant and sound of pain.

Did you know…

The Main is about 330 miles long, 240 miles of which are navigable by cruise, between Bamberg and Mainz. It flows in a westerly direction through the German states of Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and Hesse.

Day 19

A Gentle recovery exercise after my procedure. (19 of 28)

I slowly get myself back to where I was physically before the procedure of having my stem cells removed for harvesting.

Despite the process being straight forward, I often forget how even the simplest treatments can create an exaggerated shock  to my immune system.

So, I’m adopting the ‘less is more’ or ‘little but often’ approach when exercising to avoid stressing my body in the process.

Day 20

I managed my plans in bad weather.           (20 of 28)

myself Planning my day allows me to step back (in my minds’ eye) and collect the tools I need for all the things I want to achieve.

I did not plan to wake up to a wet, windy, dull and miserable morning that had the real potential of preventing most of my plans from being achieved.

Day 21

‘IT’ is going on inside and outside. (21 of 28) Sometimes we experience a strong connection to our environment and are physically affected on a much higher level.

It is at this time that I remind myself about how the trillions of cells in my body live and function in the same environment that is not just outside but inside me.

Day 22

I love a little bit of hair pamper time! (22 of 28)

It’s easy to forget that simply taking time out to pamper yourself can go a long way in shifting and lifting the heavy cloud created by negative news, bad weather or maybe poor health.

So, after having pedicure or experiencing a scalp massage at my hairdressers, I always come away feeling uplifted with a revised view of the world around me.

Day 23

My nerves at work. (23 of 28)

My nerves are loyal followers of their environment.

Once upon a time, I didn’t recognize or appreciate just how my emotions, physical abilities and the activities I chose to include in my day-to-day, emotions all heavily influenced the state of my nerves in a productive or less positive way.

So in those really challenging moments, I try to remember that conquering my nerves is very empowering and fills me with a sense of real achievement.

It’s a learning process AND definitely working progress.

Day 24

The doubt before the trip. (24 of 28)

I know that thoughts and plans to return to Germany shortly for my first of many infusions is in the front of my mind and today more than any other day, the usual feeling of excitement was squashed by that dreaded feeling of doubt.

Day 25

Packed and ready for return journey to Germany. (25 of 28)

After my first trip to Germany for tests and harvesting of my stem cells, I am packing to return back for infusions. It has all come round really quickly!

Day 26

Day 2 & infusion 2 in Germany (26 of 28)

The last few days have been really busy leading up to our return to Germany for my first course of infusions.

I was really looking forward to stepping off the ‘running’ wheel associated with jobs, routines and general day-to-day activities so that my body could stop for a recharge.

Day 27

Day 3 & infusion 3 in Germany (27 of 28)

It’s been surprisingly, really warm out here and I don’t know whether the natural protocol I’ve been using for a few years or the positive energy I have experienced so far is keeping me cool.

I believe that it’s a combination of both.

Day 28

The day after returning from my 1st course of infusions. (28 of 28)

It’s amazing how quickly we move from one life journey to another.

The smooth trip back home after receiving my first course of infusions made appreciate and embrace the overall healing potential of this adventure.