About Phoebe Scopes

Phoebe was born in 1970 in London UK and her first, most significant journey after birth was to survive meningitis at not quite 3 months old. This fatal illness left Phoebe with a partial hearing impairment in her right ear but knowing that this illness more often causes death or severe disabilities in survivors has seen Phoebe develop a constant aura of gratitude.

Receiving her last rites near what was supposed to be the end of her short life and being baptized twice- once in hospital and then later in a church gave Phoebe an extra resilient spirit that she continues to demonstrate today.

After this traumatic start, Phoebe went on to enjoy early childhood life with parents, siblings and friends but continued to experience a number of other illnesses and conditions in her early teens and later as an adult.

From the early days of reading, researching and developing a deeper understanding of her conditions, Phoebe learnt that although she survived meningitis as a baby, the scars of this illness had  left her immune system compromised and inflammatory response constantly elevated. This would leave anyone’s immune system more susceptible to disease- struggling to support and protect them against other invaders.

This knowledge remained in the background and slowly impacted some of the decisions Phoebe made about achieving wellness.

From a young age, While staying in hospital as a child in the early days, Phoebe had discovered her passion for artistic  creativity-starting with drawing, and painting to later explore other art skills in adult life.

Phoebe enjoyed expanding her creative branches-studying and qualifying as an interior and product designer in 2004 and later moved from a freelance position to open her own design showroom in 2010.

Although extremely rewarding, the additional demands and frequent surges of unhealthy stress that accompanied this type of business expansion triggered the previously managed autoimmune condition of Multiple Sclerosis that progressed quite rapidly to expose life altering changes.

In order to provide her body with the right tools for healing and meaningful repair, Phoebe knew that a better understanding and learning what to do to stay well was now more important than ever before so a number of difficult changes were made, one of these was; to sell her design business in 2014.

Removing many stressful environments and using a combination of treatments and therapies including Orthomolecular medicine, Phoebe’s health and quality of life has improved greatly. So she now turns her attention on motivating others and helping them overcome or manage their own health challenges.