Upgrading your health

The processes taking place in your body are constantly, adjusting, evolving and shifting in response to your overall physiological activity and condition.

Here, most activities and actions happen behind the scenes- hidden from your conscious awareness but mounting damage or deficiency to areas of your physiology, then rise to the surface clearly indicating that something somewhere is not right.

And at this stage, you feel out of sync as the health issue takes the shape of a system functioning poorly or a system that has failed completely in areas of your body.

The reality is that by the time many people stop to acknowledge or report a health issue, they are actually dealing with referral symptoms originating from an old unresolved problem. This problem has remained behind the scenes, continuing quietly to compromise the system.

To better understand…

When you think about health and wellness, remember that humans are multi-cellular, complex organisms with an average of 30 trillion human cells in our body and of this, there are 200 different types of cells.

Each type of cell performs a unique and special function for (organs, cardiovascular, digestive, endocrine, immune, muscular, nervous, renal, reproductive, respiratory & skeletal system which collectively in a sort of matrix made up your physiology.

The same type of system also considers the impact of your external environment (air, food, water, temperature & toxins for example) and how these interrelated elements connect with and impact your internal physiology.

When I think about the processes taking place in the body, I remember watching an amazing giant domino toppling event.


I was captivated to see how dominos had to be set up and positioned strategically so that each one would fall at the right distance to correctly impact the next domino in the sequence.

It was a tense time for the tech team involved in this demanding venture because they knew there were two major risks that threatened the success of putting together the hugely complicated dominoes setup.

First of all, one incorrectly placed domino would cause thousands of dominos to fall when not scheduled to do so.

Or, the second risk was that the opposite scenario could happen where too much space was left between two pieces, and a single domino in the 1000s set up failed to hit the other and continue the chain.

Imagine that your internal physiology is actually one big endless network system of dominos (organs, tissues, cells) connected and vibrating with each other.

Now picture thousands of these dominos arranged in different branches that make up a network but on some branches, there is just one piece that has fallen short of fully connecting with the next in line.

Before long, there would be areas all over the network that are cut off, leaving those areas out of the loop-unable to contribute their share of what is required along their allocated parts of the network.

On a simple level, the domino operation and what takes place to leave sections disconnected and unable to carry on essential processes is also describing what happens in our system.

So when you are working to heal or maintain your health, it’s important to first remember that it is a combination of ideas and tools used together that will bring the most effective, health improving and lasting results.

Where can you start when working to improve your health

Well…Nutrition can never be an overstated suggestion.

Instead of being prescribed a pill or medication, using nutrition has the biggest impact to effectively improve your health and wellbeing.

Many foods, including fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, and protein sources, have been shown to reduce inflammation, improve immune function, promote healing, and provide the fuel necessary for you to get on the mend.

10 of the best foods to help you heal

Leafy green vegetables




Nuts & Seeds


Organ meat

Cruciferous vegetables

Sweet potatoes


For full details about the foods mentioned, you can find this here: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/foods-that-help-you-heal

It now also makes better sense to work with a treatment approach that looks your whole self in terms of body, mind and spirit, taking into account mental and social factors too rather than just the symptoms of a health complaint or disease.

Holistic healing is a valuable approach to incorporate in your journey to wellness.

It involves multiple complementary medicines and alternative healthcare practices that can overlap with modern-day western medicine supporting more than just the body and will go much further than treating just one symptom. Some of the most popular and effective holistic therapies are listed below.


Energy work (reiki) therapy





Physical therapy

Again, the value of getting good sleep is often overlooked.

Sleep is a vital component for health and wellbeing increasing your productivity, improving your mood and memory, strengthening your heart and of course boosting your immune system.

Sleep enables your body to initiate the most comprehensive ‘cell clean up & repair program’ only occurring with good quality sleep.

These simple tools used collectively can help realign those important domino pieces allowing them to resume their important functions again along the allocated parts of your wellness network.

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